Global Marine Networks webXaccelerator

New Satellite Router with data Acceleration and Bandwith Optimization Tools Speeds Data Transfer Through Iridium OpenPort®

Global Marine Networks (GMN) has been an Iridium value-added partner since 2005. The company, based in Marysville, Tenn., has established a strong reputation in the satellite communications market as a developer of innovative solutions for the maritime industry as well as other sectors. In 2010, GMN introduced its new webXaccelerator satellite data router for ship-to-shore and remote communications needs, primarily aimed at commercial fishing vessels, merchant ships and cruise ships.

Designed specifically to optimize data performance through Iridium OpenPort® and other new-generation broadband maritime satellite services, GMN’s new product offering is a satellite router that gives users of satellite and other wireless data systems unprecedented control over their satellite data installations while providing up to five times faster data speeds.

The new webXaccelerator service complements GMN’s extensive portfolio of innovative communication solutions, such as the XGate wireless e-mail service, which offers high-speed bi-directional compressed e-mail for satellite phones, cellular phones and HF/SSB radio, and XWeb which offers enhanced web browsing via satellite channels. In addition, GMN provides automated position reporting for ships at sea and compressed wireless marine weather on demand for ships and boats.

“Optimizing data throughput on narrowband satellite channels presents special challenges,” said Luis Soltero, chief technology officer of GMN. “By using state-of-the-art data compression and shared onboard caching techniques, we can provide dramatically improved data speeds for users, yielding substantial savings in satellite airtime costs. At the same time, captive portal access codes control time and total data by user, and detailed activity logs help to eliminate unwanted usage. The system also provides built-in load balancing, least-cost routing and automatic on-the-fly failover between different satellite networks.”

Other features of GMN’s webXaccelerator include detailed real-time reporting and activity logs, bandwidth shaping to prioritize traffic, and firewall filtering by MAC or TCP/IP address and/or port number. It also permits onboard and shoreside IT manager administrative access to the system.

“Beyond cost savings in satellite airtime, webXaccelerator also provides a potential revenue stream for ship operators by controlling shared satellite data feed access to crew and passengers via individual or group pin codes,” Soltero said. “It also enables cruise ship operators to establish satellite-based Internet cafés for crew and passenger to access the Internet and send e-mails when cruising in regions not reliably covered by broadband VSAT networks, such as the Antarctic and Arctic waters.”

“GMN’s webXaccelerator bandwidth optimization, data compression and other value-added features, coupled with Iridium’s global pole-to-pole coverage and reliable network performance, provide an unbeatable combination for customers,” said Soltero.


Greg Ewert, executive vice president, global distribution channels, Iridium, observed, “GMN’s webXaccelerator product is a perfect example of how our value-added partners are spearheading innovative ways to get the most out of our satellite network to meet their customers’ needs. These partner companies are a primary driver propelling Iridium into a position of clear market leadership in the mobile satellite communications industry through innovative solutions.”

“We were very impressed by the results we obtained during the 2010-2011 cruising season in the Antarctic after installing the webXaccelerator,” said William Bennett, director, marine operations, GAP Adventures. “We are controlling our satellite usage costs while at the same time creating a new revenue stream from crew and passenger calling programs.”

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